Our services include talks, workshops, customize training, learning and education management advisory and creation of subject content (design and development) for different sectors including the early childhood care and education sector. We cover specific needs as well, like inspirational talks and niche mentoring.

Our services focus on 3 broad areas: Organisational, Professional and Personal, covering the following subjects:

  • Organisational skills and competencies
  • Workplace and professional skills and competencies
  • Personal development and empowerment
  • Inspirational matters
  • Career success endeavour matters

Listed under the special programmes are our 3 signature programmes created by our partners drawing from their real life professional and personal experiences.


Workshop: Success: Is There A Secret?

In life, we face either failure or success in the things we do, be it work or personal endeavours. The path to success and its measure differs for each person because everyone encounters different obstacles, challenges, and degrees of support. If at all there is a secret, that secret lies within you. You, play a central and critical role when striving in your endeavours.

Trainer: Jix Sze. From a life of drug addiction, an odd job labourer; with no qualification and poor in the English language – against the odds, today, he is a businessman and trainer.

MEP Programme

MEP: Mentoring of Early Childhood Care and Education Professionals. MEP is specially created to mentor/coach ECCE sector professionals on matters relating to centre operations and education management. The target audience are educarers, teachers, principals, centre directors, curriculum specialists and preschool operators. Mentoring/coaching is specifically conducted by Dr Weelai Suwanarat.

CARE Programme

CARE: Charting Aftercare Recovery Endeavour. CARE is specifically created to cater to a target audience from a former offending background. Workshop is specially suited to organisations that serve beneficiaries with a former offending background. Such as social and government agencies, non-profit groups, and community services and faith-based groups. Training is specifically conducted by Jix Sze.