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Make the right choice

Bilingual educational game on eating healthily

A fun and interactive game. Educates children to make the right choice in their meals. Inculcates eating healthily and promotes bilingualism that is – English Language and the Mother Tongue during play.

Educational Benefits:

  • Engage in conversation about healthy eating.
  • Categorize food by their food groups – create healthy balanced meals.
  • Instil an appreciation of the Mother Tongue Language.
  • Develop literacy skills and expand vocabulary in both English and the Mother Tongue Language.
  • Develop recognition and matching skills.

For Age: 3 to 7 years. Comes in 3 bilingual versions:

1. English & Malay

2. English & Mandarin

3. English & Tamil

Author: Dr Weelai Suwanarat, an Early Childhood Care and Education Specialist.

Box Packaging:

Size: L235mm x W155mm x H25mm

Total Weight: 320 grams

Contents in Packaging:

1 Play Booklet (tri-fold) – The Meal Plate

The Play Booklet comes in the English Language for all the 3 versions. When opened up the size is H230mm x W460mm.

46 Bilingual Cards

Card size: W60mm x H95mm

  • 3 mealtime cards (bilingual)
  • 6 food group cards (bilingual)
  • 37 food cards (bilingual)

One side of the food card shows a picture and on the flip side shows an English word and a Mother Tongue word.

English & Malay

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English & Mandarin

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English & Tamil

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